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Secretary Resume Cover Letter

A resume cover letter is the best option to impress the hiring manager. It provides specific details of your profile in brief. Your cover letter must include clear and direct sentences. You can highlight the important aspects of your resume by stating them in your cover letter.  A perfect cover letter plays important role in attracting the employer.  If you are writing a job application for the position of a secretary position, you need to compete with a lot of job applications.

Most of the employers look for a candidate with excellent communication and presentation skills for a secretary position. The secretary job responsibilities include different business administration and organizational tasks. These tasks include making schedule for appointments, and filing, writing business letters, graph and reports. A perfect cover letter must contain your strengths or skills and specific qualifications related to the desired job.

We have given a sample cover letter for secretary resume. Our goal is to help you in writing an effective cover letter. Remember, you must customize this sample over letter as per the job requirement.

Mary Klingman
Street Address, City, State Zip
Phone: (123) 555-1234 | Email:

January 22, 2009

Mr. John Smith
Title/ Position
Title of the Company,
555, Park Avenue,
New York City, New York 45632

Dear Mr. Smith:

Possessing three years’ good experience of secretarial job, I would like to apply for the position of Assistant Secretary in your company. Your job requirements and responsibilities are similar to my interests and skills.  I hope that I can prove an asset to your organization as a perfect employee on this position.

I have worked on as an assistant secretary for three years in a software company, (company title). During my tenure in that company, I handled all types of documentation tasks, writing reports, letters, creating graphs, charts and tenders.  My current job requires communicating with clients and customers effectively using e-mails, paper work and phone calls.

An Advanced Diploma course in Secretarial Work from (Institute name) is very helpful for the job in your organization. I have also received a reward for excellent performance in 2008. I am confident to bring some remarkable improvements in your organizational tasks by using my knowledge and skills.

I am looking for hearing from you about my job application. You can call me at your convenience to discuss the scope of this position. Please feel free to call on my phone (111) 8888-7777. I am eager to join you as an assistant secretary and utilize skills.


Mary Klingman

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