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Technician Resume Format

A resume format matters a lot. An eye catchy format grabs the reader interest and gives an ease while reading. We all know that bundle of applications reaches to the employer’s office for a requirement. A resume format should be appealing so that an employer can select the resume on having a quick glance. Eye catchy or appealing doesn’t mean that you need to decorate it or format it by using colors and fonts. A resume should be professional, stressing on your skills and responsibilities in the field. Considering this point, we are providing you a good sample of technician resume format. Add your skills, responsibilities, achievements and education to step into a successful career and reputed industry.

Dorothy Hernandez
City, State
4th Golden, Boulevard
Home: 165-562-2879
Cell: 434-787-3478
E-mail Address


(Here the given statement will focus on the desire and experience in the realm. It should be precise and short.)

Core Strength:

(This section of the resume can be named as area of expertise/interest, core competencies etc. You need mention your 5-6 major abilities in the field. )

Professional Experience:

(Draft your job description and responsibilities in the section. Always start from the present company/industry you are working in. Mention the key role played by you. Use bullets for highlighting them. It will help the reader to reach the desired point easily and quickly.)

Name of Company, Place, Year-Present
Job Description:

Name of Company, Place, Year-Present
Job Description:

Name of Company, Place, Year-Present
Job Description:


(Mention the qualification, name of University, Year)(Any Certified Course, name of Institute, Year)


(Write your achievement and awards you received in the job.)

Personal Details:

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