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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Resume

The current age physiological treatments aren’t restricted to prescribing tablets and syrups. Some advanced medication techniques which operate more precisely and more directly on to the target diseases are available. One such prominent method is the nuclear medicine technology. People who are trained and have expertise in this field are known as nuclear medicine technologists.

The primary job task of a nuclear medicine technologist is to govern doses of radioactive drugs (known as radiopharmaceuticals) to patients and to control the concentration level of the exposed drug level in the patient’s body. After administering the drug, the next job is to capture its pictures as it passes in the patient’s body. The captured pictures are then forwarded to a physician for diagnosing purpose.

Now, given below is a sample resume for nuclear medicine technologist.

Sample Nuclear Medicine Technologist Resume:

Tom Green
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

To seek the position of nuclear medicine technologist in a highly reputed hospital

Summary of Qualifications:

Highly talented and dedicated nuclear medicine technologistMore than five years of work experience in a renowned hospital in the state of CaliforniaBrilliant academic records followed by profound and varied work experienceThorough knowledge of radio-pharmacy. Great dexterity in working with different radiopharmaceuticals and equipments used in capturing radioactive isotopesExcellent instructional skills. Able to instruct novice patients about the procedures and precautions to be followed during nuclear medication sessionsExtra ordinary hand-eye co-ordination. Immensely familiar with the supreme level of care and precaution followed while working with radioactive equipmentsGreat fluency in communication skillsAble to carry out common medical diagnosis by analyzing the captured pictures of drug reactionUncommon skills of troubleshooting the radioactive equipments along with proficiency in operating themProven ability of good performances irrespective of the high paced work environment and tremendous work load at hospitals

Professional Work Experience:

ABC Hospital, Los Angeles CA (2004-Present)

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Determining radiation dose parameters by referring to the physician’s prescription and organizing the respective equipments accordinglyAdministering the set radiopharmaceutical dose to the patient and producing computer images of the effects produced by the dose on the bodyExplaining the steps involved in the test procedures and safety precautions to the patientsMonitoring the patient’s health consistently during and after the period of exposure to radiationSorting the captured pictures and transforming them into a form that is useful for efficient analysis and diagnosisConducting basic health checkup of the patient before exposing him/her to radiopharmaceuticals and maintaining records for the sameMaintaining extreme hygiene and cleanliness around the locations of the testing equipmentsStoring the radioactive drugs and other hazardous materials at the safest place with utter carePerforming regular cleaning and maintenance of the treatment equipmentsTraining subordinate laboratory workers and trainee nuclear medicine technologists

Academic education:

Graduate in nuclear medicine technology from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2004)

References: Will be available on request

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