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Pharmacy Technician Resume

If you want resume for the post of pharmacy technician then this article helps you to write a technician resume. Pharmacy practices deals with preparation of medicines as prescribed by a healthcare professional. Typically, a pharmacist’s work flow is quite high. This is mainly because preparing medicines is a critical and complex process that needs much of attention at every step.

Also, it includes a number of confirmatory tests throughout the process. Hence, a pharmacist commonly needs a trained person who can assist him in preparing the medicines and in performing other administrative tasks. Such a ‘trained assistant’ is known as pharmacy technician.

As stated above, a pharmacy technician’s primary job is assisting the pharmacist in preparation of prescribed medicines. The other responsibilities include verifying proportion and chemical composition of prepared medicines, storing prepared tablets and solutions in appropriate containers, taking inventory of the available medicines and other administrative duties such as customer reception, attending phone calls, cash transactions, etc.

Refer to the sample pharmacy technician resume given below for more details.

Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume:

Tom Green
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

To seek the position of Pharmacy Technician at a reputed hospital/pharmacy.

Summary of Qualifications:

Immensely hardworking and honest pharmacy technician with vast work experienceIn depth knowledge of the scope and different responsibilities involved in a pharmacy technician jobWell versed with the procedures and techniques followed commonly at a pharmacyExcellent communication skills accompanied by pleasant personalityAcquired dexterity in performing different chemical processes such as heating, mixing, extracting, sealing etc.Close familiarity with the general terminology used by physicians. Able to recognize the exact medication requirements of a patient as per the provided prescriptionGood understanding of management of administrative works. Ability to carry out all kinds of administrative jobs at the pharmacyKnowledge of fulfillment of the insurance claim procedures and related formalitiesHighly proficient in using the drug preparation software tools with expertise in working with the internet

Professional Work Experience:

ABC Pharmaceuticals, Los Angeles CA (2006-Present)

Pharmacy Technician

Receiving written prescription from the patients and verifying validity and accuracy of the informationGreeting patients at the counter and offering them the best servicesAttending phone calls and replying to complain/query emails by patientsMeasuring medicine quantities, sorting it by type and quality, and filling them into the bottlesPricing bottled tablets as well as mixtures and affixing labels on itInstructing patients for dose, usage techniques and special precautions of the prescribed medicinesMaintaining the order of and cleanliness at the storage of the medicines and verifying validity of the stored medicinesPreparing medical insurance claim forms and guiding patients for the complete claim processMaintaining records of the patients details, the medicines offered to them and the billing transaction detailsReceiving incoming supplies, verifying the material list and their quantities and making the paymentsInteracting with the pharmaceutical sales representatives and understanding the effectiveness and efficiency of the new product

Academic education:

Associate diploma in Pharmacy with from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2004)

References: Will be available on request

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