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Quality Control Technician Resume

For testing and inspecting the quality of products or services in terms of durability, safety, consistency, reliability, performance etc. he/she needs to check the quality of products or service to meet the need of customer and company’s objective. He/she can work in different industries like-food, drugs, devices etc.

Here is a sample for a quality control technician resume. Customize it with your abilities and experience in the job.

Nancy Brown
City, State
11th Silver, Boulevard
Home: 144-675-2390
Cell: 1220234-1234
E-mail Address


A highly qualified, diligent and proficient quality control technician with broad experience in testing samples and writing reports. Shown remarkable performance in managing laboratory activities and improving the prototypes. Possess decision making ability and excellent communication skills.

Core Strength:

Inspection and MeasurementLaboratory ManagementAnalytical ThinkingAbility to Work Under PressureResponsible and Authentic

Career Progression:

ABC Company, Place, 2006-Present

Senior Quality Control Technician

Supervising 8 technician and managing laboratory activitiesTesting products and prototypesProviding suggestions to bring the quality up to company’ s standardConducting training sessions to augment the skills of trainees in advanced technologyAssisting engineers in the providing details regarding color, shape and other concerned fieldPreparing reports and proposals for the changes in the products

PQR Company, Place, 2003-2006

Quality Control Technician

Assessed the reports prepared by the technicians on the bases of testingPerformed durability and performance test of productsPrepared charts for mentioning the variations in the products qualityExamined the content used in the manufacturing processAssisted engineers in the inspections and research of marketResponsible for checking the safety aspects in the products and services

XYZ Company, Place, 2001-2003

Quality Control Technician

Participated in quality control programs and trainingsAssisted engineers in testing the reliability and consistency of productsStudied layouts and made statistical reports under the supervision of engineersDetected product’s faults and suggested necessary changesPrepared test reports and submitted it to senior technicianTested products to ensure that the product meet the customer need


Bachelors in Quality Control Technology, name of University, Year

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