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Programmer Resume Template

Writing resume is the first step of your job-hunting process and organizing this resume well is the second. This second step is also very important for getting your desired position.

If you are looking for any programmer position, then it is very essential to have an effective and optimized resume in your job application. Recruiters get less time to read or scan your resume. Therefore, you should catch the attention of your recruiters to read your resume. For the purpose, your resume should be pleasurable and readable. In simple, it should be well organized.

Here, we have provided one sample resume template for programmer resume. You can copy and edit this sample. This template will help you in making your resume attractive and effective.

Programmer Resume Template:

Name and Address:

This is very important section. In this section, you should provide your detailed address and contact numbers. This section helps the recruiters to contact you.

Jonathan Miller
1008, New Island Street, Houston, TX- 453726, Cell- 45452709


These are two important sections of programming resume. These sections are optional to each other. If you write an objective, there is no need to write profile. These sections contain relatively same information. In these sections, you can write about the position you are applying for and your skills in a specific way.  These sections should not contain more than three sentences.

Qualification Summary:

This is a small section, which contains information about your skills, career achievements and qualities. You should organize this information in a bulleted list. It helps recruiters to have a look.

Professional Experience/Work History:

This is a very important section of your programmer resume. Here, you can write about present and previous job experience. You should provide relevant information to your recruiters. You should provide information in a way that will match the job description give by the recruiters. It also helps your recruiters, if you arrange this information in a bulleted list. For example:

Company Name, Place
Duration: 20xx to 20xx

Company Name, Place
Duration: 19xx to 20xx

Professional Skills:

In this section, you can write about your specific skills or competencies. You can write about your computer knowledge, programming skills, known programming languages and knowledge of other software tools. This information should also be given in a bulleted list.


Here, you should write about your educational qualification. You should provide in detail. You should write you degree name, university name and the year in which you received degree. You can also write about the courses you have done in the same way.


This is an optional section. Here, you can write about the awards and honors you received in your career.

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