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Catholic School Teacher Resume

This Catholic School Teacher resume covers all the important aspects of creating a good resume. This resume reflects the image of a good resume example. With all the vital sections provided in this sample, you can build up your ideas of what your resume should contain. You can customize and use this resume in drafting your resume.

Catholic School Teacher teaches Religious Education provided by the Bishop. A Catholic School Teacher centres on planning and teaching Religious Education Lessons.  A Catholic School teacher role is to develop children’s capacity for faith and understanding of catholic teachings and values.

Below is a great resume example that will help you to generate an attractive and impressive resume.

Sample Catholic School Teacher Resume

Marc Lawrence

143 Gator Drive
Gainesville, Fl 32608
Cell: (355) 555 – 1111


Objective Statement:

To provide quality education to students in catholic schools by adhering catholic principles, teachings and values and create a strong learning environment

Areas of Expertise:

Knowledge of catholic teachings, principles and valuesAbility to impart quality education by adhering  the catholic faith and Christian principlesDeep faith with the religious teachings and values of catholic teachingsHighly committed towards developing the catholic values and beliefs to studentsAbility to work collaboratively with teachers, students and administratorsHighly skilled in effective class room practices and evaluating students performanceDemonstrate positive relation building skills with ability to maintain confidentiality

Employment History:

Christ School, Florida

June 2005 till date

Catholic Teacher

Teach students to relate human knowledge and culture to the news of salvationWorks with students in preparing Para liturgies,  liturgies, and other religious programsProvides a learning environment that foster spiritual growth and development of studentsEnsures that the students receives quality education in accordance with Christian principles and catholic faithProvides support to the mission of catholic education within the schoolPlan appropriate lessons for students that will develop their sense of love and responsibility to Christian  communityDemonstrate ideas to make the students see the relevance of Christian value  their daily livesSupports the spiritual development of the students

San Christ Education, Florida

April 2003 to December 2004

Christian Teacher

Responsible for developing students understanding and faith in catholic teachingsPromotes the principles and values of catholic education within the aim and mission of churchEducates students on Gospel’s message of truth, love and freedomParticipates in school-level curriculum development within catholic policies, guidelines and ethosConducts morning and evening prayers to build strong trust in the beliefs and religious practices of ChristPerforms tasks like planning religious services in the schoolImplements diverse strategies to cater the diverse requirements of students

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s degree in Religion Teaching

Religion learning College, University of Florida in the year 2003


Certified Teacher, Florida State in the year 2004

Personal Information:

Name: Marc Lawrence

Date of Birth: 13/01/1983

Employment Status: Full time

Relationship status: Single


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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