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Women’s Studies Graduate Resume

Almost all societies in the world have an inherent gender inequality. All these societies are male dominated, while women are suppressed in their progress based upon their physical strength inabilities, health concerns and traditional approaches. Women’s Studies is a subject that emphasizes on understanding the exact nature of this social inequality and tries to find some measures to beat the same.

Women ’s Studies is offered as a graduate course in most of the federal universities. The course includes topics such as feminist theory, women’s history, their social status, health related issues and gender studies.

Here’s a sample resume for a fresh graduate, who has just finished his/her women’s studies graduate program.

Sample Women’s Studies Graduate Resume:

Martha King

456, X Street, Y Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA-90003

(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

To seek a good position at a university/private institution to begin my women’s studies career

Summary of Qualifications:

Exceptionally brilliant and socio-sensitive entry level women’s studies graduateExcellent records with extra ordinary academics and ample of domain related extra curricular activitiesProfound knowledge of the current and historical status of women in different civilizationsCompletely aware of the common social, economical and health related concerns of womenImmense knowledge of gender studiesGreat interest in contacting people and collecting real time information of a particular topicAbility to work under tremendous work loadAble to work with the generally used computer aided text, images and computational tools used at officesStrong command over spoken and written EnglishKnowledge of internet search engines and ability to collect necessary information, efficiently

Academic education:

Graduate in Women’s studies from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2009)

Academic Project:

“Mixed ethnicity and its social consequences in USA”. This is surely one of the most researched topics; still I chose it for my final year graduation project. The reason being, the multifaceted ness of the topic. Most of the views on this topic are focused on the individual family’s concerns. However, in my project, I covered the cultural consequences of mixed ethnicity relationships.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: XX / XX / 1984 Marital status: Single Expected employment status: Full time Ready to Relocate: Y / N

References: Will be available on request

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