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Secretary Resume Template

Your resume writing template must unique. Writing a secretary resume template is very easy if you follow the proper format of a good resume. A perfect secretary resume should be written in standard resume format that attracts the hiring managers. It highlights all the key aspects of your profile and puts them before the readers. If you are applying for a secretary position, your resume should include all the necessary details of your profile that make your resume suitable for the desired position.

We have given a template of secretary resume that can be used for all types of secretary positions. However, you are supposed to use this template after you have modified it as per your requirements. This template will include some important guidelines and techniques for writing an effective secretary resume. Hope this template will help you in writing a customized secretary resume for getting your desired job.

Secretary Resume Template

Name and Your Address:

This section contains your name and detailed address. It helps the hiring manager to contact you by providing your address (city, state, zip code,) and e-mail address and phone number. For example:

Richard Jordan
155, New Orleans Street, New York City, New York 546931
Phone: 101-333-4569
Email: richard@abcxyz.com

Objective/ Profile:

This section clearly states about the position you are applying for and your skills related to the job responsibilities. Your resume objective should not be more than three sentences. Resume objective should be concise and clear so that the readers can easily understand your profile. You can also use some key phrases for writing an effective resume objective.

Summary of Qualification:

This section is used to provide information about your strengths and qualities that make your resume unique. You can attract the hiring manager by writing this information effectively. Use bulleted list and other highlighting techniques that can focus your special skills like your expertise in software applications.

Professional/Work Experience:

In this section, you can mention your present work experience. Sometimes, you can write more than one previous companies where you worked. It shows your great experience in the related field. You can provide specific information of your career achievements and awards you received. Use bulleted list for highlighting special aspects of your career.  For example:

Global Inc., New York
From 2001 to 2003


Global Inc., New York
From 2003 to 2006


Global Inc., New York
From 2006 to 2009


Professional Skills/ Computer Knowledge:

Here, you can write about your specific skills of computer applications and any professional task. You should mention your skills needed for that particular position.

Educational Qualification:

This section includes your educational qualifications and other professional courses. You should mention the course or degree title, college/ university and the year in which that degree is received.

Honors and Awards:

You can list the awards and honors you have received during your education and professional career.

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