Senin, 11 April 2011

Sales Resume Format

A resume should be impressive and easily readable. So, at a quick glance it should reveal a candidate’s potential and skills in the field. Sometimes, a wrong format leaves a negative impact on the reader’s mind. For making a resume striking select a right format to hold the reader’s interest. If you want to excel your career in a specified field; first and foremost step you need to take is build a strong resume. Here our site is providing you an effective format:

Candidate’s Name
City, State
Home: (123456)
Cell: (123456)
E-mail Address


(Write a statement expressing the purpose applying for the job. State your qualities and skills. This statement should not be more than 2-3 lines. )

Core Competencies:

(You have to mention your proficiency or area of expertise in the field. Bullet your skills to emphasize on these points.)

Career Progression:

(Write your experience and responsibilities you are playing or have been played in the company. Always start from the present experience. )

ABC Company, Place, 2006-Present

Job Description


XYZ Company, Place, 2002-2006

Job Description



Bachelors in…, name of University, YearMasters in …, name of University, Year(Any Certification, name of University/ Institute, Year)

Technical/Computer Skill:

(Any technical skill or computer knowledge)

Awards/ Achievement:

(Mention your awards or achievement)

Personal Details:

(Hobby, Date of Birth, Nationality, Spoken Language)

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