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Oracle Certified Professional Resume

Oracle Pvt Ltd is a giant corporation, which provides all kinds of database solutions across the world. The different databases and development environments launched by oracle are widely used everywhere. Oracle, similar to all other software giants, offers certification on its various technologies. A prominent and popular certification offered by oracle is “Oracle Certified Professional” or simply OCP. OCP may be acquired in any of the oracle product, as per the candidate’s interests.

An oracle certified developer builds forms for offering users different database related services such as inserting, updating, deleting and retrieving database records. Also, a developer builds various internal components of a database. Database population is another important task of an Oracle developer. In an oracle certified professional resume, all of these development objects and skills need to be mentioned. Refer to the following sample oracle certified professional resume.

Sample Oracle Certified Professional Resume:

Tom Green
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

To seek the position of oracle developer in a highly professional growth oriented organization

Summary of Qualifications:

Highly intelligent and experienced oracle middleware application developerProfound work experience as an oracle professionalCompleted oracle certification (OCP) with excellent scoreThorough study of the oracle database architecture and ability to work at any stage of the complete structureDeep knowledge of the oracle development environment, i.e. the oracle forms developer moduleTremendous command over writing resource efficient SQL queries. Introduced to the DBA performance tuning techniques with ability to use these concepts in writing the queriesExtra ordinary programming skills. Great mastery in building highly effective PL/SQL blocksDetailed knowledge of JAVA and all of its utility componentsFamiliarity with other popular development languages such as C, C++Great flexibility in terms of work timings and work hoursHighly fluent in spoken and written English

Professional Work Experience:

ABC Pvt Ltd, Los Angeles CA (2004-Present)

Oracle Developer

Communicating with the supervisors to understand exact development needsDesigning sample forms and verifying it according to the client’s requirementsListing out the database record retrieval events and writing SQL queries for each kind of record retrievalDesigning PL/QLS block modules for classified groups of SQL queriesWriting triggers wherever necessary to offer automated record updations and to reduce number of network tripsFinding the first review bugs in the designed forms and related code, and revising the design to remove all the encountered bugsPreparing documentation of each of the developed module and forwarding it for further verificationMaintaining work reports of the completed modules and forwarding it to the supervisor

Academic education:

Bachelor of Computer Application from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2001) Master of Computer Application from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2004). Completed courses in oracle application development and acquired the respective certification

References: Will be available on request

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