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Geography Graduate Resume

Geography studies almost all the objects on earth, however there is a specific approach to this study. The geographical studies are mostly concerned with the interaction of any living or non-living object and its surrounding, and also the various stages it undergoes during its life span.

Geography is taught in universities and colleges at graduation level and also for higher degrees. A graduate in geography has several careers available to work in. There are many private institutions that carry out professional geographical studies of different regions. The experts in these fields analyze the experimental outcomes; however they need specially trained people to carry out the experiments under specific projects. A graduate in geography can be the most suitable candidate for such positions

Sample Geography Graduate Resume:
Leo Ortiz
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890

Career Objective:

To seek the position of trainee geographical expert in a professional and growth oriented institute / organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

Highly intelligent entry level geography graduateExcellent academics with proven track recordsStrong conceptual base in geography, accompanied by gigantic supportive informationIntroduced to the large number of sub-disciplines of geographyCarried out extensive geographical field work as part of academic assignmentsKnowledge of the different techniques and experimental tools used in practical geographyTremendous interest and enthusiasm for learning new concepts in geographyFluent in spoken and written English. Able to speak functional German, Japanese and SpanishAble to manage flexibility in terms of working hours and work pressureExpertise in using the Internet platform for searching information related to research topics

Academic education:

Graduate in Geography from California State University, Los Angeles, CA (2009)

Academic Project:

“Use of contour lines for determining land utility”. This was my graduation project, which I completed in my final year of graduation. It was based on the logic used to draw contour lines on maps. Contour lines are the indicative lines that show the geographical organization of a land. These lines form loops out of all the locations, which are at the same height. I used this concept to show that these contour patterns follow specific geometry rules and hence, can be used for particular utility, such as buildings, dams and so on.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: XX / XX / 1984Marital status: SingleExpected employment status: Full timeReady to Relocate: Y / N

References: Will be available on request

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