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HR Executive Resume

An hr executive is responsible for handling and implementing company’s policies in an effective manner and achieving the goal of the company. He/she plays a key role between management and employees for effective working. He/she is responsible for recruitment, staff induction, employee welfare, performance appraisal, training etc.

Here is good sample for writing an hr executive resume.

Barbara Adams
City, State
4th Paradise, Street
Home: 156-786-2130
Cell: 233-453-9900
E-mail Address


Dynamic and highly talented HR executive with extensive experience of working with multi-national companies. Proven track record in maintaining hr policies and recruitment and staffing. Experienced in employer’s welfare programs and personnel development.

Area of Expertise:

Performance ManagementStrategic PlanningLeadership QualityPolicy AdministrationEmployees RelationshipRecruitment and Retention

Career Progression:

ABC Company, Place, 2005-Present
HR Executive:

Leading a team of 23 hr employees for different department. Assessing the bonus proposals made for employees. Planning compensation and appraisal policies. Organizing training and seminars for employees’ benefits. Supervising corporate safety and security issues. Making programs and plans for company’s benefit. Responsible for trained new employees in efficient and ideal use of hr policy.

Got appreciation for giving trainings to employees for effective workingMaintained healthy atmosphere in the office and improved working systemFacilitated staff members through effective policies and planning

FGH Company, Place, Year
HR Manager

Assessed database of employees. Responsible for assisting senior manager in salary process. Did best recruitment of more than 70 employees in the company. Worked with finance and administrative department. Determined problems and provided effective solutions. Responsible for the transfer and promotions of employees on the basis of their working. Implemented hr policies to meet the objective.

Customized policies and added productivity in many departmentsOrganized seminars and programs for welfare of the employeesMotivated employees and meet the target

XYZ Company, Place, Year
HR Manager

Implemented policies for development of the company. Prepared hr strategies and attended meetings. Focused on employees and supported team members. Prepared salary budget reports. Assisted senior manager in succession planning. Organized rewards and other boosting programs for employees. Responsible for staff induction. Attended meetings with service consultancy agencies for effective recruitment.

Reduced compensation for employees without affecting the working systemDesigned and updated other policies and increased company’s profitEnsured implementation of strategies and maintained employer-customer relationship


Bachelors in Economics, name of University, YearMasters in HR Management, name of University, Year

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